Application Virtualisation

Application Virtualization : Application virtualization software allows users to access and use an application from a separate computer than the one on which the application is installed. Using application virtualization software, IT admins can set up remote applications on a server and deliver the apps to an end user’s computer. For the user, the experience of the virtualized app is the same as using the installed app on a physical machine.

Today’s employees work from multiple locations; the corporate office, home-office and on-the-go. They use multiple devices, and store data on clouds. Businesses are increasingly providing employees with mobile or web-based applications that can support the needs of the mobile workforce.

Save on IT costs and R&D efforts required to convert old applications to current work environments

Easily turn legacy applications into web-based applications -in hours

Enable business continuity without compromising on application performance, security and user experience


  • Shorter deployment time

    Deliver a full web-based / SaaS offering without the need to redevelop and port your existing software, dramatically reducing complexity and lead time

  • Supports any platform & OS

    Meet customer demands to extend your application to a wider range of devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones

  • Complete control

    Applications run on the IT infrastructure of your choice, ensuring an optimal fit for web-based and SaaS- specific requirements

  • Central management & reporting

    Easily host and manage multiple customer environments using a single, hyper- scalable management console

Value to your Development Team, Business and Customers

  • Free up development resources

    Focus on enhancing your application and meeting customer requirements rather than the delivery mechanism. Effortlessly stay up-to-date with the latest browser and OS versions

  • Empower customers with on- demand, web access

    Pure HTML5 access technology eliminates the need for client-side installation and configuration of software, plugins or add-ons —perfect for mobile workforce and BYOD initiatives

  • Generate new & additional revenue

    Drive additional license sales and win new business with an easy to use offering that runs on any device

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