Jetro COCKPIT  is a comprehensive & Cost effective solution for Application Virtualization or Application Delivery. Software applications are installed and managed centrally rather than on each individual desktop. The COCKPIT platform enables administrators to define which user groups (users) can access which applications and when. It is easy to install and administer and runs transparently to end users as a client on their desktop. Centrally Deployed applications can be Securely Accessible from Anywhere and Any Device.

COCKPIT is a remotely operated and controlled virtual desktop that enables IT personnel to standardize software usage in a corporate environment. It can be customized by an administrator for each user and accessed from any computer. It is a valuable management tool that enables administrators to deploy applications quickly and easily, while enabling users to work productively in a seamless environment.


The following is a list of the benefits of COCKPIT Application Delivery

Enhances Performance

With Jetro COCKPIT more users can be connected to each Terminal Server, thereby reducing the load on the Terminal Servers’ hardware resources.

Improves Effectiveness

COCKPIT delivers the most effective load balancing solution in Server-Based Computing (SBC) today. With hundreds of performance counters and numerous unique features, COCKPIT enables administrators to match the ultimate load balancing policy for addressing the organization’s specific needs

Highly Reliable

COCKPIT features built in clustering and failover with its core components.

Easy to Implement

The simplicity of the COCKPIT architecture results in quicker implementation and easier

Simple to Manage

COCKPIT has an advanced Administrator Console.

Competitively Priced

Jetro COCKPIT is an affordable solution


COCKPIT On Key provides access to COCKPIT applications from a disk-on-key, as well as from other portable storage devices according to pre-defined parameter settings.

Complete Integrated Printing Solution

COCKPIT provides a seamless user printing solution that supports both Native and Universal printing to save and significantly lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Mobile access

Access from any Android device

Features and Capabilities

The following is a partial list of COCKPIT features and capabilities: Delivers seamless Remote Display Protocol (RDP) sessions Publishes applications throughout the enterprise Runs applications on any thin client

  • Provides secure access to remote applications
  • Improves system security using encryption, Smart Card support and more
  • Monitors server activity in real time
  • Load Balances server sites that have Microsoft Terminal Servers
  • Maximizes and monitors the use of existing software licenses
  • Creates application groups, schedules, and security policies
  • Generates usage reports
  • Provides server-to-client content redirection for voice mail, video, and more
  • Provides client to server content redirection for voice mail, video, and more
  • Improves system performance

Provides PDF/PostScript and EMF printing solutions for applications that enable remote applications to print on any locally available printer. This is an optional add-on feature.

Application Delivery Architecture

The following diagram shows a typical Application Delivery implementation and the components that enable the secure flow of data

The example above shows two application groups and three local applications. To run an application, users can either click on an application icon or they can open a group and then click on an application within the group. The application then runs seamlessly on the end user’s desktop from a Terminal Server according to the definitions of the COCKPIT Controller.

Administrators can define and control COCKPIT Client user activities, such as host resolution (NAT enabled or disabled), local printing, and disk drive mapping.


The COCKPIT desktop Client is installed on each user’s workstation to enable them to access applications through the COCKPIT virtual desktop. COCKPIT desktops display folders and links to applications and information from Terminal Servers, the Intranet, the Internet and the users’ local computers. Links to applications can appear directly on the user’s desktop or be organized into folders.

The COCKPIT desktop Client enables users to communicate with the COCKPIT Controller and with other Terminal Servers in the COCKPIT site. The COCKPIT Client can be installed on any standard user’s workstation to enable the seamless operation, integration, and delivery of applications from the enterprise’s Terminal Servers.

The COCKPIT Client displays application links and application groups, as shown here:


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