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Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

Overview & Goals

We all know that people are the foundation of any great organization. You wouldn’t be where you are today without committed employees and loyal customers. How can you support your staff, retain customers, increase revenue, grow market share, and remain flexible in a changing corporate landscape? Responsive, secure, and advanced IT infrastructure is the best investment you can make – now and for the future.

Keeping up with technological advancements can be overwhelming, and you can’t be an expert in everything. You need reliable and trustworthy IT advice, planning, and management services you and your people can depend on. We specialize in:


The TEAM SSG has the experience and expertise to help your business meet your goals and objectives faster, with less risk. SSG is a IT consulting & services organization who assists customers in achieving their business objectives with the use of technology.

Whether you are looking at Networking, Data Backup, other IT services, or just want to better understand your current environment, TEAM SSG can provide the expertise to help you build a strategy that is right for you.

Assessment Services

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day demands of running a business. Our Assessment Services are designed to help you understand where years of “keeping the lights on” has led you. We provide an objective analysis of where you are today so that you can fully understand your current environment as well as strategize for the future with accurate information.

  • What is your operating efficiency? What is your capacity for growth? Are your security measures up to standard?
  • We’ll evaluate your current IT environment and make recommendations for scaling up without breaking the bank

Our IT Assessment Services provide you with the information you need to understand your environment, make informed decisions, and set strategies.

IT Assessment Service

Bridge the gap between IT and business objectives. Our assessment ensures your IT strategy aligns seamlessly with your overall organizational goals

IT Assessment Services

Stop worrying about IT problems

IT Audit

IT Security

Cloud Services

Remote Access

Data Management

Do you understand your data growth and how to leverage data to improve your business? Are you unsure if your organization is prepared or up to date on updates and more? Looking to migrate to Office 365? Is your network secure and are your firewalls set up correctly? Are your remote users able to access corporate resources? Are you following right process to IT audit? Are your cloud Services are set at high performer?

TEAM SSG can help with these areas and more. We can help your IT organization resolve these issues and offer recommendations for your future needs.Our IT assessment services can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on your cloud strategy, infrastructure and much more. Our IT infrastructure assessment goal is to reveal valuable information to aid in setting strategies and leveraging technologies to meet your customer demands, improve service levels, and ultimately increase your organization’s profitability.

Our assessment services are based on years of experience in the IT industry, across a diverse set of clients and solutions. Each assessment engagement strives to match IT goals and objectives with the business needs of our clients. Whether the focus of the assessment is on storage infrastructure, networking or a holistic IT strategy, our assessments provide our clients the information they need to understand their environment, make informed decisions and strategies. We provide extensive research into your current environment, provide documentation, recommendations and follow through if needed

Migration Services

Changing to a new strategy is usually intimidating. Our Migration Services are designed to help you transition seamlessly, whatever the technologies involved.

Perhaps you’ve been putting off moving to the cloud because the “getting there” seems like an impossible hurdle. Or maybe you need to update your version of Microsoft products but aren’t sure where to start. That’s where we come in – we help get you from where you are to where you want to go and to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our Migration Services provide you the expertise to reduce the time to market and reap the benefits sooner of your new or upgraded platform.

IT Migration Services

Cloud Migration

Microsoft components Migration

Server Migration

Mail Migration

Data Center Migration

Health Check Services

Sure, you implemented an updated IT infrastructure a year ago; but have you checked back in to make sure that infrastructure is still running correctly, adhering to best practices, and upgraded to support new features? There are inherent dependencies and upgrades that need to be made to infrastructure as time passes to guarantee that it is stillcompliant and fully utilizing all available features. 

Our Health Check Services review the current environment, the implementation parameters, and configuration to see if changes or updates should be made to improve reliability, flexibility, and availability.

Our IT Health Check Services compare your infrastructure design to best practices and support levels, and from there makes recommendations to improve the service levels and offerings.

IT Health Check Services

Network Devices Health



Security Devices Health

Managing change in your IT environment is difficult. While initial implementations may meet the service level objectives at the onset, most IT environments have constant change. Maintaining adherence to industry and vendor best practices, keeping current, providing the highest quality of services, delivering high availability, and continuously improving performance is a constant challenge.

An IT health check represents an essential way of evaluating your business’ inner IT workings to ensure that there are no security breaches or potential problems which are waiting in the wings. As well as ensuring that systems are properly set up, a network health check also helps to guard against the exposure of lost productivity and company downtime and ensures adequate protection can be put in place against any possibility of unauthorized entry.

Regular appraisal of your IT environment is essential to obtain assurance that appropriate controls are in place to protect essential systems and data. Our IT Health Check Services will review and document your current IT environment, review current support requirements, and make recommendations for changes and updates according to best practices and supportability. We can also look at performance availability, and best practice recommendations to improve service levels. With a professional assessment of your IT infrastructure, you can take the steps necessary to avoid potential problems down the road and reduce the odds of downtime and lost productivity. Contact the experts at TEAM SSG today to get your network health check scheduled

Installation Services

Your organization has many projects to complete, not to mention daily operational activities. Taking time out of your busy schedule to learn and implement new technologies and solutions will delay other projects.

Our Installation Services bring you the knowledge and experience of our certified engineers to help you deploy new technologies faster and more efficiently, allowing your business to begin use with minimal interruption to your daily processes. Our implementation processes have been designed using knowledge from our own experience as well as best practices developed with our partners. These services include hardware, software, and total solutions.

Our IT Installation Services ensure that your technologies are implemented efficiently and effectively— the first time

Need networking installation services? Our comprehensive installation capabilities include servers, storage, networking, security, cloud, and backup and disaster recovery solutions. Whether you are implementing an individual product or a complete solution, we have the expertise to provide an on-time, quality service experience. We have the knowledge, experience, and certifications to install and implement nearly every solution we sell.

Program & Project Management

You and your team are busy with a long list of projects, both large and small. Organizing, planning, and tracking become difficult to maintain. A project manager is required to keep all of your projects on schedule, assign resources, and communicate progress. Rather than adding additional headcount, allow the TEAM SSG project managers to augment your team. 

With our Program and Project Management Services, we manage the discipline of planning and organizing details, motivating staff, and controlling resources. You will be kept fully in the loop with detailed reporting while we keep your project on schedule.

Our IT Project and Program Management services ensure that your projects get done right, on time, and don’t take years off your life.

Our Project and Program Management is provided as either a standard practice in all our engagements or as a stand-alone service. This offering provides planning, tracking, reporting, and accountability for your most important projects.

With so many demands on your IT project organization, TEAM SSG can support your efforts, keep you informed, and keep your projects on schedule. We believe that with preparation, attention to detail, and effective communication skills, project teams become more effective and will produce excellent results

Helpdesk Services

The helpdesk option allows your company to subscribe to our 24-hour live technical support
service. Users can access the service via online chat, text message, or phone

Staff Training

Once your new IT environment is established, your staff will receive a combination of live and self-paced web-based training tailored to your company’s needs and culture.

Your Investment

Our fees are based on the level of services required and will be billed at below

•  Per visit     – onsite ( for specific work)
•  Monthly    – onsite/offsite ( includes complete IT work)
•  Quarterly  – onsite /offsite ( includes complete IT work)
•  Annually   – onsite / offsite ( includes complete IT work)
•  Regular Onsite Engineers – 24/7 – monthly billing
•  On-demand IT specialists



SSG Netq provides a team of expert consultants that matches your’ priorities for growth and innovation, and carries out the activities described above within the agreed-upon time frame


•  Assigns a leader within the organization to work with TEAM SSG
•  Provides access to senior management as needed
•  Provides access to documents, statements, and computer systems as needed
•  Works collaboratively in a series of weekly meetings to move the project forward

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