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Why are SSL VPNs important?

With many employees now working from home, SSL VPNs are becoming more important than ever before. As companies provide corporate network access, the rate of fraud incidents exponentially increases when home internet connections are used. Potentially weak or unsecured connections are targeted by cybercriminals, making companies more susceptible to threats and malicious attacks. Because organizations have to provide secure and safe internet access, the VPN solution they choose should be scalable and easy to use. SSL VPNs are crucial since they ensure the safety necessary for heightened security, they can be accessed from any device, they are location-agnostic, and they require little to no enterprise computing experience for employees. More importantly, they offer peace of mind for employers, so that they can feel comfortable allowing their staff to continue working remotely from home.

How safe is SSL VPN?

SSL VPNs are safe and secure so long as your browser is protected. An SSL VPN becomes compromised as soon as the browser being used is compromised. However, SSL VPNs are still considered safe because communication happens via an encrypted connection, regardless of what type of device is being used, and no matter if network access is through the public internet or another secure network.

Having an SSL VPN also limits access to applications, giving organizations the ability to manage users’ privileges more precisely, which subsequently provides businesses with more control over security.

How safe is SSL VPN?

  • SSL Portal VPN is a type of SSL VPN that allows one SSL VPN connection at a time to remote websites. After remote users have been authenticated, they can access the SSL VPN gateway via their web browser. This SSN VPN is referred to as a “portal” because only a single web page is necessary in order to access other resources. Generally, users can access this gateway using any web browser and the username and password that are typically provided to them by the VPN gateway service.  
  • SSL Tunnel VPN : In contrast to an SSL portal VPN, this type of VPN provides access to multiple network services via a web browser through a tunnel. “Tunneling” allows browsers to interact with and actively display content (JavaScript to Flash-based technology), which increases the versatility over an SSL portal VPN.

Features of SSL VPN

  • Interoperability : With the vast number of client device manufacturers (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and their operating systems, interoperability is one of the most crucial and advantageous features of an SSL VPN.
  • Digital certificates : SSL VPN solutions commonly implement digital certificates to help manage communications access. These certificates add an additional layer of security by using protected passwords. 
  • Multi-factor authentication : VPN access is only granted with multiple factors of authentication. Once credentials are confirmed and validated, users are given access.
  • Integration : Many corporate environments use SSL VPNs to work with an authentication backend via an active directory. Only users that are part of the VPN group are given access by an administrator who is responsible for releasing a certificate for it. When access is no longer needed, the certificate doesn’t have to be revoked. Rather, it can just be removed from the access group, no longer making it possible for users to join. 
  • Granular control : VPN concentrators can regulate remote users’ VPN traffic. This allows granular access control, allowing one user access to a specific group of servers and another user to have access to certain networks or equipment.

AccelPro Next Generation Secure Access Series, meet the needs of companies of all sizes. All the AccelPro SSL VPN platforms are powered with Innovative HPAA technology, which provides faster Remote Access making AccelPro Secure Access the choice of Enterprises. AccelPro Secure Access series is equipped with a unique Client Agent, which provides 2 seconds Client Login time and able to get a Virtual Private IP from the Secure Access Gateway within the same time, giving remote user a LAN like feel, resulting in amazing end user experience.

AccelPro, right from its inception, solved fundamental problem in existing SSL VPN’s, delivering most performing Secure Access Solution. While other SSL VPN’s merely provides access to web applications and intranet portals, but fails to meet fast remote access to client-server applications and other network resources. The performance degradation in other SSL VPN limit them as SMB solution. While AccelPro platforms are carrier class products, providing high scalability and accelerated throughput around 30 X faster, meeting the requirements of Enterprise and ISP customers.

AccelPro range of products provide scalability starting from 50 simultaneous users to 20,000 simultaneous users on single hardware meeting needs of a small business to large Enterprise house to ISP or Service Provider. Performance and fast client login time makes AccelPro platforms unique and different from other products, addressing much needed requirement for faster remote access without compromising on the security of the networks. With unique HPAATM technology, AccelPro platforms are able to deliver throughput faster than clear traffic even after the encryption of data packets. AccelPro sells APG-700, 1400, 2800, 5600, 6200 Appliances along with advanced Virtual SSL VPN Appliance which can run on VMware

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