Unified Endpoint Management and Security

Why do organizations need an unified endpoint management and security solution?

From onboarding employees and deploying OSs and applications to managing and troubleshooting corporate and personal devices, organizations are expected to fulfill the needs of their diverse workforce. A UEMS solution provides end-to-end integration of device management and endpoint security. This increases workforce productivity without compromising data security.
Attackers are constantly on the lookout for entry points into enterprise networks. One unauthorized device, unmonitored browser, malicious application, or misconfiguration is often all it takes to bring down an entire network. Keeping track of such loopholes on the ever-increasing number of endpoints that constitute your network is impossible manually and calls for a UEMS solution

How will a unified endpoint management and security solution aid your organization?

How will a unified endpoint management and security solution aid your organization?

Endpoint Central

(Formerly Desktop Central )

Unified endpoint management and security

Mobile Device Manager Plus

Comprehensive mobile device management

Patch Manager

Automated multi-OS patch management

Patch Connect

Automated patching of third-party software

OS Deployer

OS imaging and deployment

Remote Access plus

Enterprise remote access

RMM Central

Unified network monitoring and endpoint management for MSPs

Vulnerability Manager Plus

Prioritization-focused enterprise vulnerability management

Device Control Plus

Data loss prevention for peripheral devices

Application Control Plus

Software discovery and endpoint privilege management

Browser Security Plus

Browser security and management

Endpoint DLF

Advanced data loss prevention for endpoint

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